About Me

A few years ago, I decided to make a big change. I had been working as an attorney for over seven years, and while I loved the challenge of my career, I also found it somewhat unsatisfying on a deeper level. I was missing client contact and the chance to feel like I was really connecting. I had worked so hard to accomplish so much, but it was time for a change. 
Real estate was a natural transition for me, and one that I have found to be very gratifying. I meet so many wonderful new people and form relationships that last for years. I absolutely love educating my clients and guiding them through the process of buying and selling homes. I am able to strike that critical balance between the realities of the market and their personal needs.  My years as an attorney have taught me to approach each situation in an organized, methodical way, with attention to detail and exceeding expectations. 
My focus is on residential resale in the Greater Philadelphia area, particularly Montgomery County. I also provide referrals for top rate agents to anyone outside of my service area. Whether you're located across the country, or looking for a vacation home at the beach or in the mountains, I can help. I personally screen all real estate professionals before completing the referral so I know you're in good hands. 
In my personal life, my husband and I love to personalize our home through building, woodworking, and continually redecorating. I am a volunteer with the Home at Last Dog Rescue, and recently we have embarked on the fulfilling journey of fostering dogs in need. We have two rescue dogs and a cat of our own, love going for hikes and being outdoors, exploring our community, and spending time with friends and family.
For more about me, follow me social media. Please let me know how I can be of assistance!